WordPress Development

If we trace back the roots of WordPress we find that WordPress was initially launched as an open source blogging tool. Within a short time of its launch, the community of developers took an instant liking to WordPress. They contributed exclusively to the framework’s SEO capabilities and support, plug-ins, widgets, and themes. Resultantly what we have today is one of the most popular content management systems of our era.

At Radix we share a hand-in-glove kind of relationship with WordPress programming. You can hire WordPress programmers from us who are passionate about this evolving framework. Our WordPress developers have been relentless in their pursuit for excellence in WordPress development. Whether you are looking for aesthetics, user friendly workflow, rich plug-in architecture, advanced templating system, or standard usability – the Radix WordPress developers do not disappoint on any ground.

At Radix we divide our WordPress programming efforts in three main parts:

WordPress Development:

You can hire WordPress programmers from Radix to develop shopping carts, modules, templates, themes, and content management modules. Our WordPress developers can also develop plug-ins and architectures as required.

WordPress Deployment & Integration:

You can hire WordPress developers from Radix to test and deploy your WordPress applications. You can also hire WordPress resources from us to integrate third party tools or APIs into your existing WordPress application.

WordPress Upgrade, Maintenance & Support:

At Radix we encounter many customers who are interested in only a select few WordPress related activities. Most often they already have a WordPress solution and are looking for maintenance and support services. At Radix, they can hire WordPress programmers for maintenance as well as application upgrade.

WordPress Customization:

You can hire WordPress developers from Radix to customize WordPress themes, templates, modules, and plug-ins for any typical business requirement. If you want to hire WordPress resources who can deviate from ready functionalities and innovate on all grounds, then Radix is the name for you.

At Radix, our WordPress programming service features the following:

Work Week: Monday-Friday/Saturday
Total Work Hours: 40/48 hours
Holidays: Sunday and Indian National & Regional Holidays
Payment Terms: Dictated by outsourcing contract
Setup Cost: Nil

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