Time and Material Model

There often are times where our clients firsthand do not know how much development effort their project is going to need. Their projects might require ongoing development efforts or have unclear and complex project specifications that might undergo revisions. For such cases, our Time and Material model is best suited for hiring WordPress developers.

A part of our agile development methodology, this model allows our clients to change project specifications on an ongoing basis. Our clients can even change the development priorities to stay aligned to the changing market conditions. We charge our clients based on the actual amount of time and efforts our WordPress developers spend on their project. Hence, we also call this model an Effort Based Pricing model. For clients who are looking to have the flexibility of developing project specifications on an ongoing basis, Time and Material model is most appropriate.

At Radix, as a general practice we put forth the Time and Material model for those clients who are faced with still evolving concepts and very dynamic market conditions. The model allows them to modify and align the development efforts and establish a synergy with changing parameters. We cover maintenance and support services for a project under this model. A project that gets enrolled under Time and Material hiring goes through phases of scoping, solution definition, business analysis, specification evaluation, visual mapping, architectural design, documentation, coding, change management, testing, rollout, support, and so forth.

The time and material model is appropriate for a project when:

  • It involves new emerging technologies
  • It revolves around a new idea but lacks a detailed plan
  • It has undocumented business processes and workflows
  • The market itself is in evolutionary stage
  • The project features third party involvement and assistance
  • The project requires parallel development of hardware and software
  • The project is exploratory in nature and needs supporting efforts

Advantages of Time and Material Model:

  • Flexibility to modify project scope midway
  • Repetitive development of same parameter can be undertaken
  • Development efforts directly aligned with project requirements
  • Continuous client engagement in project development
  • Periodic reporting of progress made