Offshore Dedicated Hiring Models

For projects that do not fit the bill for Time and Material model or the Fixed Cost model we have in place Offshore Dedicated Hiring model for WordPress developers. Under this model we have the following options for our clients to choose from:

Offshore Dedicated Developers Model

This model is used by our clients who are interested in hiring a dedicated team of WordPress developers to operate as a meaningful offshore extension of their in-house team. They hire a team of technically sound and adequately certified WordPress developers to work on their project at their convenient work hours. These WordPress developers offer every kind of support to the client’s software engineering facility. Our clients can also impart project specific training to these WordPress developers. This model of WordPress hiring is best suited for projects that require growth of ongoing development team, detailed R&D, product development, system maintenance, and enhancement.

Benefits of Offshore Dedicated Developers Model

  • You can change the size and the skills of the WordPress developer team midway without incurring additional overhead cost.
  • You can control and ordain the development process.
  • The monthly costing means there is no place for hidden costs.
  • Since the entire team works as an offshore setup for the client, shift overlapping and 24x programming can be achieved.
  • The model leads to reduced risk and increased return on investment.
  • You have the technical infrastructure and communication facilities at your disposal for extended period of time.
  • You retain the rights to intellectual property, source code, and any data generated during the development process.

Infrastructure Support Provided by Radix

  • Dual Core Machines
  • Redundant Internet Connectivity with Lease Lines
  • Proper Data Backup
  • Remote Linux Server for Client Testing
  • Antivirus Protection
  • 2GB RAM
  • Local Linux Server for Development
  • Network Administration and System Maintenance
  • SVN Code Versioning
  • Direct Communication Lines

Custom Offshore Development Centre / Build Operate Transfer (BOT)

Over the past few years we have encountered clients who are interested in setting up a captive centre for their operations in India. Although gung-ho about the potential of the idea these clients are skeptical on one ground – understanding the local nitty-gritty. They lack the understanding of local parameters. Thus, we team up with such clients and take over the responsibilities of setting up this captive centre for them. We handle complex issues of recruitment and staffing, management of human resources, legal formalities, fiscal policies, and keenly watch the economic workings of the country. Once the center is up and running we transfer the operations of this centre to the client as dictated by the outsourcing contract. This transfer can be affected either through a joint venture or through BOT.

We undergo the following fundamental and sequential steps in our BOT model

  • We hire dedicated and qualified software professionals for our client.
  • We equip these professionals with all the necessary infrastructure and facilities.
  • We overlook and manage the establishment process.
  • We mitigate and absorb the risks of starting new operations.
  • We hand over the setup to the client once everything becomes functional.

Benefits of Custom Offshore Development Centre

  • You can control and dictate the staff selection and resource hiring process.
  • You can have your own HR policy and project management standards implemented and adhered to.
  • You get fairly transparent HR costing.
  • You get dedicated network and office infrastructure with redundant internet connectivity.
  • You can have your own security policy in place with remote monitoring through CCTV cameras.
  • You retain the ownership of intellectual property rights.