Hiring Models

You might have many alternatives for hiring WordPress developers. But not all of them are going to be appropriate for you. So how do you choose the right one? And what about switching from one model to another? Your outsourcing vendor might provide you a host of different hiring models for WordPress developers. But your real nightmare starts when you try to change models midway and switch lanes.

Radix values its customers enough to give them the right to choose what is best suited for their business. Our customers can hire WordPress developers for their project based on the professional and technical credentials of the developers. We follow strategies, trade practices, operational processes and policies that assist our customers in hiring appropriate WordPress developers.

At Radix, we have a pretty balanced mix of WordPress developers ranging from industry experts to fairly new talent for different kinds of development. We analyze our clients’ business requirements, their budgetary constraints, and accordingly suggest a hiring model for WordPress developers to add value to their project. However, we always insist that our clients hire a mix of young talent guided by industry seniors for the sake of what we call “controlled innovation”.

But with all said and done, the best thing about hiring WordPress developers from Radix is the flexibility that our clients enjoy. We have a fairly flexible WordPress developer hiring framework that allows our clients to change models midway of the development process. They can change project scope, project priorities, and project model if required. We include this in our agile development practices.

Thus, Radix simplifies hiring WordPress programmers and developers to a great extent.