Fixed Cost Model

This is a hiring model where the project scope attains utmost importance. Under this model design, we make an agreement with our client over the project scope and contract price. The next step for the client is to then make an upfront payment. Once the upfront payment is received our WordPress developers start working on the project.

This WordPress hiring model is best suited for projects that have pre-defined specifications. There is a clear vision about the final output and the features of this end solution. The only thing that is lacking is a defined roadmap. This is exactly what our technical team does. We estimate the project development and execution efforts based on the project scope. We use this estimation to calculate the total cost of the project. But that’s not all. Since our WordPress developers know how much efforts they will be required to put into development they can fix a precise delivery date. They can divide the development process into different phases which means the client can track each phase closely.

Our Fixed Cost model for hiring WordPress developers is appropriate for a project when:

  • The project is short lived and can be wrapped up within 3-4 months.
  • The project involves a technology that has a strong foothold in the market.
  • The project has neatly detailed plan and strategic milestones.
  • The market for the system is not dynamic and does not undergo frequent changes.
  • It’s possible to predict and quantify the project efforts.

Advantages of Fixed Cost Model

  • You can have a proper structure defined for your project.
  • The development team has a clear estimate of development efforts.
  • You get an upfront idea about the cost of your project with no ambiguities involved.
  • It reduces your risk of development considerably.
  • A legal binding can be created on both the parties for meeting the project completion deadline.